Door Lock 2018

Kyung-min lives alone in a one-room apartment. One day, she found a trace of a stranger breaking into her room and soon a mysterious murder case begins to unravel

Door Lock 2014

Dayeon plans to move due to the strange noise coming from next door.

Lock Your Door 1949

In a relaxed and conversational style, famed writer of uncanny and fantastical fiction Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) retells his story of the old lady and the pockmarked railway porter. The author's delivery is thoughtful, as if he is recounting the incident for the first time, and was filmed in 1949 for a series of short films sharing the title A Strange Experience. The story itself was unpublished in his lifetime.

Behind Locked Doors 1948

Behind the locked doors of a mental institution resides crooked politico Judge Drake (Herbert Heyes), free from prosecution so long as he pretends to be crazy. To get the goods on Drake, private detective Ross Stewart has himself committed to the asylum as a patient. Meanwhile, reporter Kathy Lawrence (Lucille Bremer), posing as Stewart's wife, acts as his liaison to the outside world.

The Locked Door 1929

On her first anniversary, Ann Reagan finds that her sister-in-law is involved with a shady character that she used to be intimate with, and determines to intervene.

The Door with Seven Locks 1940

This early British horror film was called "Chamber of Horrors" when it was released in the United States. Upon his death, a wealthy industrialist leaves behind a huge treasure in his private tomb. The way to the treasure is through seven interlocking doors with seven distinct keys. The evil Dr. Manetta has six keys but Lilli Palmer, the rightful heir, holds the last.

Behind Locked Doors 1968

Terry and Ann are two "swingers" who spend the night in a spooky old house, where they're subjected to bizarre sexual experiments by Mr Bradley and his deranged sister.

The Jack Story

Several years out of high school, Jason Kidberry heads to California ready to start his first year of film school. While driving down an Arizona highway, he gets a flat and finds himself stranded in the desert. With no jack and no signal on his cell phone, Jason is forced to spend the night alone in his SUV. Jason tries to stay awake in the pitch black desert with only a dome light on, but when he dozes off, he is awoken by the movement of his vehicle shaking. With only a suitcase full of clothes, a bible his father gave him, a video camera and a pocket knife, Jason doesn't have much to protect him. Frightened and unable to see outside his SUV, he grabs his video camera and turns on the night vision. But what he sees through the lens is more frightening than he could have imagined.

Lock-Up 1959

Lock-Up is an American legal drama series that premiered in syndication in September 1959 and concluded in June 1961. The half-hour episodes had little time for character development or subplots and presented a compact story without embellishment.

Saru Lock 2009

Yataro Sarumaru, nicknamed "Saru" is an average high school boy who daydreams about idols but otherwise has no luck with girls. While working with his father, a locksmith in Asakusa, Tokyo, he has gained exceptional skills to pick just about any lock. Using his exceptional skills, Yataro then finds himself solving various mysterious cases, while also trying his luck with the girls.

Lock, Stock... 2000

Lock, Stock... was a 2000 television series off-shoot from the 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. The series was shown on Channel 4 and starred Ralph Brown, Daniel Caltagirone, Del Synnott, Scott Maslen and Shaun Parkes. Lock, Stock... was Ginger Productions' first commission. The show prominently featured the rhyming slang of London's East End, making it harder for some viewers to comprehend.

Lock Up Your Sisters 2018

When a young man suddenly inherits a fortune and finds out he has sisters he's never met, life with his newly rich family gets him into amusing situations.

Lockup 2005

Lockup explore prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations.

Lock 'N Load

Lock 'N Load was a six part, unscripted, hidden camera reality show on Showtime that premiered on October 21, 2009. It was based at The Shootist gun store in Englewood, Colorado, where Josh T. Ryan was a salesman. It examines the gun enthusiast lifestyle. Josh T. Ryan worked in a Los Angeles show room and had sold over a million dollars worth of firearms prior to being sent to Colorado. He moonlighted as an award wining stage actor and director for over 20 years. Josh T. Ryan was named, by, one of the top salesman in the country.

The Lock Up 2011

The Lock Up is an observational documentary series following the staff of the custody suite at Priory Road Police Station in Hull. It was first broadcast on 4 February 2011 on BBC Three. The first eight-part series was filmed over the course of a year; during the year, around 6,500 prisoners passed through the suite, and the issues custody officers had to deal with included attempted suicides and a range of troubled people including drug addicts, minors and violent individuals. The first series was shown on BBC Three and repeated on BBC One. The second series made its debut on BBC One on 28 August 2012 and is narrated by John Thompson. The show follows the format of filming the overnight shift at Priory Road Police Station reception where a variety of miscreants, mainly drunken youths and violent characters are booked in and locked up for the night in the cells. The show involves a good deal of humour generated by the banter between the prisoners and the officers on duty. Some of the characters booked in to the lock-up are vulnerable people, many are violent and prone to spitting. The end of the show is marked by the handover to the next shift and the release of detained miscreans either to discharge without charge or for processing for court.

Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey 2009

Lock n' Load with R. Lee Ermey is a television program on History that discussed the development of military weaponry throughout the centuries. It was hosted by R. Lee Ermey.

Lockdown 2006

Lockdown is a television series appearing on the National Geographic Channel. The series is an educational look into prisons and jails in the United States, presented in a documentary format. Lockdown is known in some regions as America's Hardest Prisons.

Paranormal Lockdown 2016

Nick Groff, a paranormal investigator who's "on a mission to discover something new in the paranormal field", and paranormal researcher Katrina Weidman who will both spend 72 hours together locked down in the most haunted locations. They will be staying with the dead at these reportedly haunted places, many of which have never been filmed for a production. And some, they will be investigated for the first time on television. Groff and Weidman believe, that "the longer they stay, the more the spirits will communicate with them and the more information they can gather about the unknown".

Lockie Leonard 2007

Lockie Leonard is an Australian children's television series adapted from the Lockie Leonard books that first screened on the Nine Network on 19 June 2007. The series was filmed in Albany, Western Australia. A second series was filmed in 2009 and screened in 2010 in Australia, the UK and Ireland. Lockie Leonard was produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia and is distributed by the Australian Children's Television Foundation. The theme song "Worlds Away" is performed by Jebediah. Lockie Leonard premiered in the UK on Saturday 27 September 2008, as part of the long running children's Saturday morning programme TMi which airs from 09:00 to 10:30 on BBC Two. It ran for the first 12 episodes then continued to air on CBBC Channel. The show won the 2008 TV Week Logie Award for Best Children's Series, and star Sean Keenan was nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Outstanding New Talent. It won the 2007 AFI award for Best Children's Drama Series. The series was also nominated for the 2007 BAFTA Awards for Best International Children's Drama Series.

Love After Lockup 2018

Couples finally meet their fiancé upon prison release. Once the bars are gone, will their love survive after lockup on the rocky road to the altar? Will the inmates ditch their mate as they face shocking "firsts", fights & family drama! Is it true love or just a con?