Jane 15 2016

Filmed in Peckham on Kodak 160G Super 8 film, expired in 1977. Home processed in self-mixed C-22 in Lomo UPB-1A tank. Camera: Braun Nizo 801 Macro. Music: Harold Budd 'Jane 15'

15 Hours

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Fruit 15

A young woman believes she is pregnant by immaculate conception.

15 days 2018

After the refugee camp near Calais that became known as the Jungle was razed in 2016, the hundreds of people who had found shelter and a sense of community there were equally abruptly uprooted, adding yet another sorry episode to the disruption and displacement they had already suffered in their flight from persecution, corruption and the fall-out of war. Imran Perretta’s video 15 days is inspired by the time that he spent in Northern France with former inhabitants of the Jungle, now living rough in the surrounding woods and fields.

15 minutos 2009

After getting dumped by his girlfriend for his laziness, Felipe answers a phone call and gets an opportunity of changing his life in 15 minutes.

15 North 2013

Ben, a 25-year-old with anxiety and OCD still living with his mom, awakes one morning to a proposition: go on an all-expenses-paid road trip to Salt Lake City in order to move his Great Uncle Harold out of a retirement home. When she suggests he bring his friend Richardson along, Ben hesitates... Nonetheless, he invites Richardson to join him on the journey. With a fanny pack fully stocked with hand sanitizer in tow, the two hit the road...

Prelude 15 1996

Doubly-printed striations of "brush-strokes" through multicolored "rock" forms dissolving then to blackened "mud" eliciting increasing sense of being under earth.

Film 15 1926

Schools in Haskell, OK; Coweta, OK; Gibson Station, OK; Checotah, OK; and Boynton, OK.

Slednecks 15 2012

Once again, the world renowned Slednecks team topped themselves. Heath Frisby changed the game with the first ever snowmobile front flip that scored him X Games Gold. Kalle “KJ” Johansson, Geoff Kyle, Dan Treadway, Tyler Blair, Cory Micku and crew continue to explore and dominate BC. Brett Turcotte and Brad Gilmore return to form and slay secret spots in Canada while Chris Burandt and Sahen Skinner continue to take snowmobiles into areas they’ve never been before. Raymond Cormier and Sam Densmore and crew tore up the Yukon and an insane snow year in Alaska allowed backcountry rippers Cory Davis, Joey Junker, and Dane Ferguson to show off their talents. Not to be outdone, Carly Davis shows the boys that some girls can certainly hang with the best. From the deepest of powder days, to technical riding, to huge drops and hits, Slednecks 15 includes all the craziness from the award winning crew.


Young novelist Akutagawa Taketo, Narukara Fukune, Sonokoe Utae, Meiki Raika, and the rest of the gang are stranded on a remote tropical island, somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. This exotic setting, though not without danger, yields quite a few situations that inspire Taketo's unusual writing talents.

R-15 2017

The material that keeps southern homes warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.

Johan Falk: Blodsdiamanter 2015

GSI follow up a weapon trail that leads right into Kavkaz mafia headquarters on the west coast. GSI member Niklas Saxlid is the one in the group who is specialized in undercover operations, and he has penetrated Kavkaz' activities. But suddenly something happens and Niklas disappears.

Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery 2005

On the momentous occasion of the Hubble Space Telescope's 15-year anniversary, the European Space Agency released this commemorative documentary looking back of the history of discovery that the telescope has facilitated. Retrace the story of its successes and difficulties, illustrated by state-of-the-art computer animation, as well as spellbinding footage photographs taken from Hubble, much of which has been previously unseen until now. The film presents some of the most fascinating facts about our universe that Hubble has uncovered, and explains things like wormholes, black monsters, and event horizons. All of this is accompanied by a score that captures the grand majesty of the film's subject matter. Written by Anonymous

The 15 Year Old Girl 1989

Willy, a middle-aged divorcee, decides to take his 15 year-old son, Thomas, on holiday to Ibiza, staying at an isolated villa on the unspoilt part of the coast. Thomas insists on bringing his friend Juliette, a girl of his own age with whom he enjoys a close platonic relationship. When it comes to physical love, Juliette is wise beyond her years. She will only sleep with men older than herself and has no intention of committing herself to a long-term relationship. As the holiday progresses, Juliette realises that Willy is attracted to her. She confides in Thomas that she will seduce his father and then reject him, in the hope that she can rid herself of his unwelcome attentions. Unaware of this subterfuge, Willy is torn between his physical attraction towards the teenage girl and his love for his son...