15 Smallholdings a Day 1967

When the film was made, 15 smallholdings were being abandoned every day. People were moving to the city for better income opportunities and cultural improvement. But were they any happier?

Beck 15 - Pojken i glaskulan 2002

Mother of an autistic boy is found murdered in her home. The boy holds the murder weapon, covered in blood..

Lonely '15' 2004

A young man learns that the size of one's heart matters more than the size of his endowment.

15 Minutes 2009

A Melbourne girl wakes up to realize she has 15 minutes until her train leaves. Panic!

Witchcraft 15: Blood Rose 2017

Rose, a legacy witch, becomes a member of a local coven. Seductress Sharon uses her own powers to enter Roses' body and mind. She uses Rose unwillingly to steal people's souls. Her ultimate goal: resurrect Satan himself. Will Rose stop her sexy, evil rampage before it is too late?

15 Minutes of Fame 2008

Comedy - When a filmmaker friend asks to use their apartment for his movie, Nodoubt and his friends jump at the chance, but their excitement is short-lived. Stardom grows dimmer by the minute as the ugly side of show business (and friendship) takes over. - Markee Adams, Paula Bel, Priscilla Bonnet

Bellator 15 2010

Bellator XV was a mixed martial arts event held by Bellator Fighting Championships. The event took take place on Thursday, April 22, 2010 in Uncasville, Connecticut.[1] The card featured quarter-final bouts in the Welterweight and Featherweight tournaments Bellator is holding in its second season. The event was distributed live in prime time by FOX Sports Net and its regional sports network affiliates.

Film 15 1926

Schools in Haskell, OK; Coweta, OK; Gibson Station, OK; Checotah, OK; and Boynton, OK.

15 North 2013

Ben, a 25-year-old with anxiety and OCD still living with his mom, awakes one morning to a proposition: go on an all-expenses-paid road trip to Salt Lake City in order to move his Great Uncle Harold out of a retirement home. When she suggests he bring his friend Richardson along, Ben hesitates... Nonetheless, he invites Richardson to join him on the journey. With a fanny pack fully stocked with hand sanitizer in tow, the two hit the road...

15 Hours

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

15 Hours 2017

The town of Zhili accounts for 80 percent of China's output of children's clothes. 15 Hours was shot in August 2016. Zhili, part of the city of Huzhou in the province of Zhejiang, is home to around 18,000 small factories for children's clothing, manned throughout the year by over 200,000 migrant workers. In the 1980s, Zhejiang saw the emergence of a private capital-based garment industry open to any and all operators prepared to invest in flexible business models based on mutual credit or leasing. This film documents one day in the lives of the workers of 68 Xisheng Road in Zhili.

Jane 15 2016

Filmed in Peckham on Kodak 160G Super 8 film, expired in 1977. Home processed in self-mixed C-22 in Lomo UPB-1A tank. Camera: Braun Nizo 801 Macro. Music: Harold Budd 'Jane 15'

Prelude 15 1996

Doubly-printed striations of "brush-strokes" through multicolored "rock" forms dissolving then to blackened "mud" eliciting increasing sense of being under earth.

15 days 2018

After the refugee camp near Calais that became known as the Jungle was razed in 2016, the hundreds of people who had found shelter and a sense of community there were equally abruptly uprooted, adding yet another sorry episode to the disruption and displacement they had already suffered in their flight from persecution, corruption and the fall-out of war. Imran Perretta’s video 15 days is inspired by the time that he spent in Northern France with former inhabitants of the Jungle, now living rough in the surrounding woods and fields.

15 minutos 2009

After getting dumped by his girlfriend for his laziness, Felipe answers a phone call and gets an opportunity of changing his life in 15 minutes.

Fruit 15

A young woman believes she is pregnant by immaculate conception.